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Counseling Appointments via Skype or FaceTime. It's as simple as it sounds. Similar to regular counseling appointment except from the comfort of your own home or office. At a scheduled time, you and I have a face to face appointment via Skype. 55 minutes or 85 minute sessions.
SKYPE/Video/Telephone Counseling FaceTime - Apple Is Skype secure? Skype is generally considered more secure than a telephone conversation and Skype encrypts Skype calls.




Email  Counseling Sessions...

How do they work?


 If you select this option you’ll receive 1–2 full pages of  counsel within 24-48 hours from the time your request is made and payment is received.


In terms of the actual therapeutic process which counseling involves, working online  and writing out your thoughts provides particular advantages. The act of writing about one’s experiences can itself be therapeutic, and the exchange of emails with a counselor creates an automatic transcript of all sessions. The nature of counseling by email provides both client and counselor the opportunity to reflect on thoughts, feelings and other reactions to the other person’s words.






The Enneagram is a framework for understanding the personality of yourself, your friends, your relationships, your associates and colleagues. Each personality type has its own way of relating to others, its own set of perceptions, filters, and concerns, its own values and approaches to life. Each relates to others in different but understandable ways.


The key to any relationship is the ability to communicate effectively with others.  Yet communication is often difficult if personality type is not taken into consideration. This is because people tend to believe that others think the same way they do. They believe that others have the same motivations, values, and priorities—although this is usually not the case.

However, when personality type is understood, communication becomes more effective because people begin to recognize and make the most of our difference.


By understanding personality types, we can "speak the language" of others who are not the same as we are. Real communication is then possible, and we are able to deal more effectively with conflicts, and styles of relating.


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Personality Assessment

Understanding your personality and the way you filter the world.

Discover your personality type with a Personality Inventory and follow-up session.


Read more about Personality type and the  Basic Needs of each personality type

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Need quick input for an issue and aren't interested in counseling? Perhaps you are dealing with or want an answer to question you have about a particular topic. Ask away. If you choose this option, you'll be provided with professional counseling input via a brief yet thorough answer.